17 June 2010

Iiiiiiiiii'm Baaaaccccck!

It's been a while. Life and the career needed tending to. Healing. Family. Friends. New friends. A lil bit of travel. Lots of private journaling while I allow myself to be led toward enlightenment as I'm in a state of perpetual grooming for my ultimate purpose. But I came back from Cali INSPIRED ... on so many levels. And a brief delicious encounter got me missing Rome and Ivy. When I left them, Rome was fucked up in Miami trying to clear his chemical haze and get a grip while Ivy was about to fuck up a good thing with a man who's heart was open and ready to love her forever. It's about to be really intense. Can't tell you exactly what's gonna happen so you'll just have to check in and read. ... To refresh your memory:

The Kiss, So Alcoholic And Slow

"Kissing you makes me forget where I am
Unaware, Can’t think
Don’t see
I don’t hear
Emotions all wrapped up in the way –"


"In the way you taste
Your scent
In the feel of your lips when
You think I’m pulling away and
Reach for me
And breathe
Gently pressing the tip of your tongue
Against mine and I’m


My thoughts are suspended in
This moment so
Slowly, cosmically immersed in the sanctuary of
You and me"


"Me and you – this place
Divine, intoxicating, erotic"


"Spiritual and pure
Engaging so that when we stop …
Our eyes connect then we’re -
And in it again"

- andrena r. hale

And check out posts past so in the next few days when the journey resumes you'll be all caught up.

Until next time ...

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